MBA energy management USA

MBA in Energy Management List of Programs USA

3.University of California, Berkeley

Master in Energy and Resources

4. Indiana University

Master of Public Affairs - Energy concentration

5.Purdue University

Master of Science in Forestry and Natural Resources

6.Boston University

MA in Energy and Environment

7. Johns Hopkins University

Master of Science in Energy Policy and Climate

8.Pennsylvania State University

MPS Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems

9.Arizona State University

MS Environmental and Resource Management

10.University of Washington

Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management M.S.

11.University of Wisconsin

MS Water Resources Management

12.University of Texas at Dallas

Master in Energy Management

13.University of Massachusetts

Master of Science in Resource Economics - Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

14.University of Minnesota

M.S Natural Resources Science and Management

15.The Ohio State University

Master of Environment and Natural Resources (MENR)

16.Tulane University

Master of Management - Energy

17.George Mason University

Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies - Energy and Sustainability Concentration

18.Rice University

Master of Energy Economics (MEECON)

19.University of Denver

MS Natural Resource Management

20.Oklahoma State University

MS Natural Resource Ecology and Management

masters in renewable energy canada

MBA in Energy Management List of Programs CANADA

1.York University - Schulich School of Business

MBA Specialization in Business & Sustainability

2.University of Calgary - Haskayne School of Business

MBA Global Energy Management and Sustainable Development

3.University of Alberta - School of Business

MBA Natural Resources, Energy & Environment

4.McGill University

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Renewable Resources: Environment

5.University of British Columbia

MSc in Resource, Environment and Sustainability

6.Queen's University

Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

7.Simon Fraser University

Master in Resource Management

8.Carleton University

MA in Sustainable Energy

9.Dalhousie University

Master of Resource and Environmental Management

10.University of Manitoba

Master of Natural Resources Management

masters in renewable energy uk

MBA in Energy Management List of Programs UK

1.University of Oxford

MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management

2.Imperial College London

MSc in Hydrology and Business Management

3.Cranfield University

MSc Envrionmental Water Management

4.Lancaster University

MSc Sustainable Water Management

5.City University of London

MSc in Energy, Trade & Finance

6.University of Durham

MSc in New and Renewable Energy

7.University of Leeds

Energy and Environment MSc

8.University of Strathclyde - Strathclyde Business School

Global Energy Management

9.Cardiff University

MSc Sustainable Energy and Environment

10.University of Exeter

MSc Renewable Energy

11.University of Glasgow

MSc Sustainable Energy

12.University of Birmingham - Depatment of Economics

MSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

13.The University of Nottingham

MSc Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship

14.Brunel University London

MSc Sustainable Energy - Technologies and Management

15.University Of St. Andrews School Of Management

MSc Sustainable Development and Energy

masters in renewable energy australia

MBA in Energy Management List of Programs AUSTRALIA

1.Curtin University of Technology - Curtin Graduate School of Business

Master of Science (Mineral and Energy Economics)

2.University of Queensland

Master of Sustainable Energy

3.The Australian National University (ANU)

Master of Energy Change

4.The University of Western Australia

Master of Commercial and Resources Law

5.Griffith University

Master of Integrated Water Management

6.Murdoch University

Master Renewable and Sustainable Energy

7.James Cook University

Master of Science - major in Environmental Management

masters in renewable energy germany

MBA in Energy Management List of Programs GERMANGY

1. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

MBA - Renewable Energy Finance

2. TU München - School of Forest Science and Resource Management

MSc Sustainable Resource Management

3. Humboldt University of Berlin

M.Sc. Integrated Natural Resource Management

4. Rwth Aachen University Fakultät Für Wirtschaftwissenschaften

MSc Georesources Management

5. FH Pforzheim University

MSc Sustainable Management - Water and Energy

6. Universität Freiburg

Master of Renewable Energy Engineering and Management

7. Universität Kiel

Master of Science "Environmental and Resource Economics

8. TU Dresden - Faculty of Business and Economics

Spatial Development and Natural Resource Management (Master)

9. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Master in Energy Engineering and Management (EEM)