renewable energy courses

Renewable energy field has great potential for jobs of the future. Besides, renewable energy is also critical for the safety of our planet. The existence of Cyborgs, Time Machine and Extinction of Humans by Machines are debatable. But, Climate Change is Real.
Energy plays a key role in the economy and environment. According to the experts including Bill Gates, there is a huge and growing demand for energy that’s “reliable, cheap, and clean.” Renewable energy is clean, affordable, and reliable, and has got the potential to counter poverty and climate change. The energy industry is considered as highly capital intensive along with the huge impact on employment. More importantly, hundred years from now, there might not be any fossil fuels left.
According to the latest report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the number of people employed in the renewable energy sector across the globe could rise to 24 million by 2030. According to forecasts, the global investment will reach USD $1.3 trillion per year in 2030. The report also stated that the renewables will add about $19 trillion to the global economy, and will create about 6 million jobs by 2050. According to World Economic Forum, the Advanced Energy vertical is a $1.4 trillion global industry, almost twice the size of the global airline industry, and nearly equal to worldwide apparel revenue.