State Wise power Regulations

State Wise power Regulation

ANDAMAN NICOBAR Power Regulations

  • Policy for power Generation through New and Renewable Energy Sources in Andaman and Nicobar Island- May 2012   

ANDHRA PRADESH Power Regulations

  • Guidelines for establishment of mini hydel power projects along vagus and streams – order dated: 11-07-2007   
  • New wind power policy Dated: 11-04-2008 and Amendment Dated: 09-09-2008   
  • Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Policy – 2012 dated 26.9.2012   


  • Small hydro power policy- 2007 dated 24 – 01- 08 & Amendment dated 13-10- 08   


  • Policy for  Small Hydropower Development  (SHP) 2007   


  • Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency Policy for Promotion of New and Renewable Energy Sources 2011  

CHHATTISGARH Power Regulations

  • Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency Non Conventional Energy Polices Dated 8.4.2002    
  • Policy on Allotments ofSites And Incentives To Small Hydel Projects up to 25 MW dated 29.08.2002   
  • Windenergy policy dated 07.08.2006   
  • Chhattisgarh Solar Energy Policy 2012   


  • Incentive Scheme for Bagasse based co-generation – 1999   
  • Government of Gujarat, Solar Power Policy dated 06.01.2009   
  • Wind power policy-2013dated 25th July, 2013   

HARYANA Power Regulations

  • Govt. of Haryana, Policy For Promoting Generation Of Electricity Through RenewableEnergy Sources dated 23.11.2005 with Amendments on 19.06.2008 and 29.03.2010     
  • Solar Energy Policy-2014     



  • Smallhydropowerpolicy – 2006 and amendments(up to 5.0 MW)   
  • hydro  power  policy – 2006 and amendments (above 5.0 MW)    


  • Jammu & Kashmir Policy for the development of small hydro power dated: 09-10-2003  
  • Jammu & Kashmir Policy for the development of Micro/Mini Hydro Power Projects-2011   
  • Solar Power Policy for J&K dt.18.03.2013   


  • Draft Jharkhand Solar Policy, 2013   


  • Karnataka Renewable Energy Policy 2009-14 dt. 19th January 2010, Amendment Order No: EN 76 EMC-2/2010 dt. 06.05.2010     
  • Karnataka Solar Policy 2014-2021    


  • Renewable Energy Policy dated 03.04.2002   
  • Guidelines ForDevelopment of Wind Farms In Private Land Dated 11.5.2007 and Amendment No: GO(Rt.)No.295/08/PD Dated 22.11.2008   
  • Kerala Small Hydro Power Policy 2012 dt. 03.10.2012    
  • Kerala Solar Energy Policy 2013 dt. 25/11/2013    


  • Government of Madhya Pradesh Implementation of Solar based Projects in MP dated 20.07.2012    
  • Policy for Implementation of Small Hydro based Power Projects in Madhya Pradesh – 2011 with Amendment 15.02.2013     
  • Wind Power Project Policy of Madhya Pradesh, 2012 (As Amended on 21.02.2013)   
  • Madhya Pradesh Biomass based Electricity (Power) Projects –implementation Policy, 2011 with Amendment 21.02.2013    


  • Hydel Policy for development of Small Hydro Power Projects through Private Sector Participation – 15.09.2005   
  • New Policy for Power generation from Non – Conventional Source of Energy-2008   


  • Policy on Renewable sources for promotion of generation  through Non-Conventional Energy Sources  Dated 12.09.2006   


  • Policy for  generation  through Renewable Energy sources   


  •  Policy For Power Through Non-Conventional Energy Sources   


  • Govt. of Odisha, Policy Guidelines on Power Generation from Non-Conventional Energy Sources dt.03.12.2005  
  • Draft Odisha Solar Power Policy – 2013    


  • New and Renewable Source of Energy (NRSE) Policy- Dated 26.12.2012   


  • Policy for promoting generation of electricity from Biomass, 2010   
  • Solar Energy Policy – 2014   
  • Wind Policy – 2012     


  • Tamil Nadu Energy Development agency, Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012 Dated 19.10.2012    
  • Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agencies Policy for Wind Energy     


  • Govt. of Tripura, Draft Policy for promotion of generation through New & RenewableEnergy Sources   


  • Uttarakhand, Policy for Renewable Energy Sources with private sector & community participation dated 29.01.2008    
  • Uttarakhand, Policy on hydro power development by private sector(up to 25MW)   


  • Government of Uttar Pradesh Solar Power Policy, Uttar Pradesh, 2013   
  • Policy Guidelines for development of Small Hydro Power projects up to 25 MW capacity    


  • West Bengal State Renewable Energy Development Agency Non Conventional Energy Policies    
  • Govt. of West Bengal, Policy on Mini/ Micro Hydro Electric Power Station up to 3 MW   

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